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You are an automotive professional, you know what you want and what you are capable of.  When it concerns your future, you take matters into your own hands.  You are self-aware, ambitious and you have a clear vision of your own leadership.  You want to get the most out of your life and work, and you inspire and stimulate others to raise the bar just as high.  This is what drives you, this is who you are. Your area of expertise is endlessly fascinating and always changing.  This way, you keep learning, developing and growing.  Feed forward is a chance for you to get even better.  You are always looking for new horizons, embracing new business models using your drive as an entrepreneur. You choose your own path, marking a permanent trail for others to see. You are an Automan.

Automan brings Automen together. We offer companies in the automotive branch the right man or woman for the right job. We also offer automotive professionals new challenges, so that they can take that next crucial step in their career. This is what we do. Since 1986.

  • recruitment
  • executive search
  • interim professionals
  • interim management
  • consultancy
  • guidance in purchasing and sales