Supporting your business

Automan has been partner of numerous enterprises in the automotive industry since 1986. We know the business, we know what goes around, which developments are topical. We also collaborate with specialists from different fields. We are happy to offer our knowledge and network to any business who needs it. Automan can offer you more by doing so.


Automan is your tester, your oracle and sparring partner. Your advisor, helping you making smart moves for the future. In the HR field of course, but also when it concerns making strategic choices in business planning, project management, company financing, financial (re)structuring etc.

Training and coaching

Personal mediation makes for good insight of the business. This makes Automan an enterprise based on knowledge, knowledge we love to share. Together with the best specialists from the automotive branch – top notch Automen- we provide trainings, seminars for entrepreneurs and management teams. We coach and support entrepreneurs with the development of a business plan that matches their ambitions and strategy exactly. For middle management, we provide and develop skills and knowledge trainings, completely tuned into the business plan.

Guidance in purchase and sales

Automan connects parties who are potentially interesting to each other. From this position we make sure that companies connect when there is a merger or a take-over. Or we find candidates for a management buy in or buy out. Subsequently, we can be a guide or mediator in a collaboration or with a purchase or a sale. Our independent relationship with banks, investment companies and venture capitalists may become an important advantage in these matters. We are involved as an objective advisor or actually be responsible for the sale or purchase. In all cases, discretely and absolutely confidentially.