Johan Vos CCO bij Lightyear

Automan is trots op de bemiddeling van CCO Johan Vos bij Lightyear. Johan was voorheen Senior Director bij Tesla. In deze functie heeft bijgedragen aan de snelle uitrol van de Model 3. De samenwerking tussen Lightyear en Automan was al vaker succesvol. Smart en green past bij Automan.

Clean mobility available to everyone aldus Lightyear.

Lightyear welcomes former Tesla Senior Director Johan Vos to lead its commercial strategy towards scale 

November 28th 2019, Helmond.

Lightyear is proud to welcome Johan Vos, who joined as Chief Commercial Officer to lead the organisation towards successful commercialisation.

Over 30 years of global experience in commercial impact and market expansion
Johan Vos joins the Dutch high-tech company Lightyear in its mission to provide clean mobility to everyone, everywhere. Arriving after the prototype unveiling of the solar car Lightyear One, Vos will be responsible for route-to-market activities throughout Lightyear’s scale-up phase.

Route-to-market: scaling-up and consolidating
Vos’ proven track record in fast-growing startups is an asset to grow the commercial organisation and to ensure a customer-centric approach around the delivery and service of the cars. In his previous role at Tesla, Vos contributed to the rapid roll-out of the Tesla models across Europe, making the Model 3 one of the best selling vehicles of 2019 and consolidating Tesla’s presence in EMEA.

Holistic mindset for system change
Since its start in 2016, Lightyear has realised a considerably rapid growth as a start-up in high-tech innovation, and is now on the point of becoming a scale-up. Lightyear thanks its success to a holistic mindset. This mindset is Lightyear’s backbone for system change, guiding its organisational structure, activities and the establishment of key partnerships; from production to recruitment of talent.
Johan Vos’ addition to Lightyear’s team is a concrete result of this. Maijke Receveur, Chief Organisation Officer at Lightyear: “We cherish the partnership with Automan in Helmond. They help us attract talent and experience to further develop Lightyear, among which Johan Vos.”.