Join the Automan Network

An Automan is driven and passionate. He or she wants to grow and develop him- or herself. Fully motivated to take a leading role. Share knowledge to gain knowledge. For this reason, we have the Automan Network. An (inter)national platform that brings Automen together. A place where professionals, companies, researchers, publicists, trainers, coaches, specialists and other Automen can find and inspire each other.

Anyone who thinks he or she is an Automan can join the Automan Network. Together, we provide content to this platform, online and offline. Think of the following:

  • automotive events
  • workshops and trainings
  • seminars and conferences
  • coaching-plans
  • Management Academy
  • Talent Awards
  • Best Company Awards
  • professional publications
  • discussions in forums
  • network meetings

Are you interested? Check the Automan Network.